Utkarsha Balghar (Rehabilitation Centre)

Utkarsh Balghar is another initiative dedicated to bring the under privileged children from tribal communities and nomadic tribes and provide them with basic needs of food, clothes, shelter, security, education and health facilities. At present it has accommodated 85 children along with the team of 12 dedicated volunteers who works 24x7. Reputed urologist of the city Dr. C. B.Kulkarni has made 1 acre of land available for the said project.

Caring Hands provide the following services to the children:

Shelter with Security

The children of said communities resides in the tents, sometimes they have to stay under the sky with no facilities of electricity, water, bedding etc.


We provide two dresses for daily use and two school uniforms, one pair of Caring Hands uniform and four pairs of inner wears.


Health is one of the important aspects for the students. Hence We promote the students to participate in sports and games.


These children used to participate in public functions etc. to observe the behavior and manners of society along with the responsible staff.


Caring Hands is providing good quality vegetarian food to the beneficiaries. The food grains and grocery is being bought from the reliable stores.


The education is the key component of the rehabilitation; it's playing the role of catalyst in their progress.