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Our Journey

Our journey began when we encountered several children begging on the streets, while others accompanied their parents to construction sites, sugarcane farms, and brick-making facilities. These children come from families who migrate from place to place in search of work to sustain themselves. It was evident that they lacked safety, hygiene, and access to proper healthcare. Motivated by a strong desire to help, we embarked on a mission to transform their lives. Our initial focus was to provide them with nourishment and inspiration through healthy, home-cooked meals. As we consistently supplied these children with nutritious food, we gradually earned their trust. We realized that trust was the cornerstone upon which we could truly make a lasting impact. Over time, our efforts paid off, and we gained the trust of over 150 children from the community. Many of these children were orphans or had lost a parent, making our role even more crucial in their lives.

Establishing a Safe Haven
With the community’s trust secured, we were able to bring the children to our children’s home, where more than 150 children benefit from our shelter. This safe haven provided them with the security and stability they had been lacking. We ensured they had access to clean surroundings, proper sanitation facilities, and a nurturing environment where they could thrive. At Caring Hands, we believe that every child deserves equal opportunities for growth and development. We worked tirelessly to bridge the gap caused by their previous lack of access to education. Our dedicated team of volunteers provided them with quality education, focusing on both academic and life skills.

The migration of laborers to Maharashtra for various types of jobs is a significant and dynamic movement. Currently, we are working with the children of construction workers, sugarcane cutters, laborers, and families who sell goods and beg at traffic stops, as well as those who live under bridges and on pavements in metro cities. About 5 million people from these communities are living in Maharashtra. Our work area is concentrated in the districts of Ahmednagar, Pune, and Thane. The challenges faced by our targeted communities are immense. Families live in acute poverty and suffer from severely high rates of illiteracy and unemployment, lack of nutrition and healthcare, and the social stigma of belonging to a “criminal” community. They are prone to superstition, often engaging in rituals that are physically and emotionally harmful.


Caring Hands’ vision is to create a world where every underprivileged child has the opportunity to thrive. Through education, holistic support, and community engagement, we strive to break the cycle of poverty and nurture the potential of every child, ensuring they grow into confident, capable, and compassionate individuals, ready to shape a brighter tomorrow.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive support and opportunities to underprivileged children, empowering them to break free from the constraints of poverty. Through access to quality education, essential services, and a nurturing community environment, we aim to foster their personal growth, instill confidence, and equip them with the skills and resources needed to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

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Project Address
Kalashram project, Golewadi Rd., Ambi village, Tal. Maval, Dist. Pune 410507

Project Address
Ramrao Chogale Seva Kutir, Pali village (Uttan), Mira-Bhayandar,
Dist. Thane 401106

Regd. Address
49 Aroh Nisarg, Tagad Wasti, Bhistbaug, Savedi, Ahmednagar – 414001

Board of Directors


Mr. Ambadas Ranganath Chavan

Founder - Secretary

He is the trailblazer and Secretary of Caring Hands. With a rich background of collaborating with various pioneering philanthropic organizations in the country, he brings a wealth of experience to his role. His exceptional leadership skills enable him to guide and inspire teams to combat social injustices. Possessing a visionary outlook, he is dedicated to steering the organization towards the upliftment of disadvantaged sections of our society.


Mr. Sudheer Shamrao Naik


He is the most senior member and a fatherly figure at Caring Hands, serving as the Vice-President. A dedicated environmentalist at heart, he holds a deep love for trees. To date, he has personally planted over 400,000 saplings. His commitment to the cause is further exemplified by his generous donation of 3 acres of his land to Caring Hands for the establishment of a rehabilitation center catering to underprivileged children and elderly individuals. Renowned for his unwavering enthusiasm and positivity, he is the most active member of the team, always ready to assist in any circumstance with his uplifting demeanor.


Mr. Shailendra Sharad Masalekar


He serves as an active trustee of Caring Hands, undertaking key responsibilities in public relations, social media management, and publicity for the organization. His commitment is evident through his round-the-clock availability, as he resides in the Kalashram project to closely oversee the beneficiaries. He actively contributes his insights and efforts towards the welfare of the children and elderly residents at Kalashram, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to their wellbeing.


Mr. Arvind Nivrutti Telkar


Having retired from a prestigious print media outlet in Maharashtra, he has seamlessly transitioned into his role as a trustee at Caring Hands. Alongside his professional background, he is also recognized as an expert wildlife photographer. He dedicates his time to engaging with the beneficiaries, guiding them towards lives filled with happiness and fulfillment. As one of the main convenors of Caring Hands, he plays a pivotal role in coordinating the organization’s efforts and initiatives.

Mr. Nitin Kale

Mr. Vikas Mhaske

Mrs. Bhagyashree Kulkarni

Mr. Sunil Gaikwad

Mr. Ajay Kale

Mr. Vishal Shinde

Mrs. Pallavi Patil

Meet the team


Mrs. Manasi Gaikwad


Manasi holds a postgraduate degree in Event Management and hails from Mumbai. She has been deeply inspired by the humanitarian efforts undertaken by Caring Hands. Initially joining as a volunteer in 2021, she quickly assumed diverse roles, including communication, public relations, fundraising, and dedicating significant time to the grooming and empowerment of young girls. Her commitment has led her to take on the crucial role of Project Director for the Seva Kuteer project in Bhayandar, concurrently serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Caring Hands. Mrs. Manasi’s unwavering enthusiasm is truly remarkable as she strives to uplift the most marginalized communities and transform their lives for the better.


Mr. Vikas Jagtap

Project Manager - Seva Kutir

Vikas completed his Masters in Social work and, after working with many organizations, has finally decided to take challenge to start Caring Hands new project at Mira-Bhayandar Dist Thane  named Seva Kutir. He is instrumental for the resource mobilisation and overall operations of Seva Kutir. He is a good leader, having the vision to grow the project for the upliftment of disadvantaged communities, especially women and children.

Mr. Ravindra Gadade
Residential Project Manager – Kalashram

Mr. Vikas Mhaske
Project Manager – Education

Ms. Rohini Bhanagade
Project Manager – Swayamsidha

Mrs. Rupali Ghojage
Head Admin and Account